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Industrial Areas best practices

This database is a collection of best practices in Industrial Areas of the Mediterranean Region. It includes environmental, social and economic solutions referred to centralized established infrastructures as well as innovative services. The best practices can be adopted in MED IAs for improving their environmental, social and economic profile with the aim to move towards Sustainable Industrial Areas. The completion of the database has been possible by the joint efforts of two projects: LISEA (financed by Emilia Romagna Region, Italy) and MEID (EU Med Programme), integrated with the content of Ecomark project (EU Med Programme) in the context of ECO-SCP-MED project (MED Capitalisation project).

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This document presents a unique database, organized on the basis of two criteria in order to ease the research: One is structured by Industrial Areas and the other one is structured by Best Practices. It is up to the visitor to choose at his best convenience.

Data base home page click here .
Document Repository about best practices click here .

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