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Research unit

List of all research units
ResearchUnit long name Efficientamento energetico degli edifici mediante l’adozione di materiali innovativi ed energie rinnovabili
Department DUEE    ENEA
Laboratorio Home page LAERTE laboratory (ENERGY EFFICIENCY)
Unit Responsible Alessandra Gugliandolo
Unit description

EDI research line is about methodologies and certificates to improve the therm-hygrometric comfort inside buildings through the utilization of renewable energy (solar, geothermal, etc.) and new materials, aiming to simple solutions, easy to replicate and to design. Goals:

  • new calculation tools;

  • modular fabrication solutions for retrofitting/renewal/new-construction buildings;

  • new methodologies, integrating several energy sources to achieve efficiency and optimization;

  • integrated systems to exploit different energy sources (solar, geothermal, etc.) and new materials for HVAC;

  • characterization of new materials targeted to energy saving in buildings.

Field of application: civil constructions, industrial constructions, social housing, energy efficiency.

Related research topics
Code Topic Description
1.2 Energy building efficiency Energy building efficiency

produced bibliography
Year Title Reference Publication type
2020 I 'PED' & 'Energy Community':quadro di riferimento e ruolo strategico - "Smart City: da ENEA una 'lingua' comune per lo scambio dei dati", su FMI - Facility Management Ital... Others
2020 Intelligent Smart Contracts for Innovative Supply Chain Management Paolo Bottoni, Nicola Gessa, Gilda Massa, Remo Pareschi, Hesham Selim, Enrico Arcuri, Intelligent Sm... Paper International Journal with referee
2019 European Union funding Research Development and Innovation projects on Smart Cities: the state of the art in 2019 Maestosi Clerici P., Civiero P., Massa G. , European Union funding Research Development and Innovat... Paper International Journal with referee
2017 Influence of periodic external fields in multiagent models with language dynamics Phys. Rev. E 96, 062311 – Published 15 December 2017
Paper International Journal with referee
(Best Paper Nominee)...
Paper International Conference with referee
2015 Computer-Based Research Strategy To Investigate Idealtypes Of Self-
Organized Structures Of Collaboration In Intra-Organizational Networks
EURAM2012 - European Academy of Management - Rotterdam, 2012... Paper International Conference with referee

Address via Martiri di Monte Sole 4
ZIP 40129
Town Bologna (BO)
Country Italia
Researchers, Contact persons
Outcomes and deliverables
title Paper abstract Keywords WEB Page
Methodology for analyzing the evaluation of the technical, economic, financial and environmental potentials for rehabilitation projects (Part One) Dynamic analysis for the evaluation of the energy performance in existing buildings to be ...
Post-Earthquake Safety Interventions on the Visitazione di Maria Santissima Church in Reno Finalese Following the Emilia-Romagna earthquakes of May 2012, ENEA has been involved in the operat... Earthquake, seismic, cultural heritage
Damage mechanisms in some residential building typologies during the Pianura Padana Emiliana Earthquake This work shows some results of the damage survey carried out on several localities by the... Earthquake, seismic, residential buildings, damage
Damage to religious buildings due to the Pianura Padana Emiliana earthquake The paper reports the most common mechanisms of damage in churches, oratories and steeples... Earthquake, seismic, cultural heritage, damage in churches, historical centres
Behaviour of industrial buildings in the Pianura Padana Emiliana Earthquake During the seismic event of May 2012 in the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy), several industr... Earthquake, seismic, industrial structures
Methodology for analyzing the evaluation of the technical, economic, financial and environmental potentials for rehabilitation projects (Part Two) Technical interventions needed for achieve energy savings through financial investment wit... Cogeneration, Distributed genaration, power park, energy district, Energy Service Company
A systemic approach to renovate existing buildings The research unit called "Energy efficiency in existing buildings" has applied knowledge r... Energy efficiency, rebuilt, best practises, existing buildings
Hydronic and electric radiant system: compared systems Comparison between hydronic and electric radiant system... radiant system, hydronic, electric
Focus on Radiant heating systems 2012 The conference presents studies and research on radiant heating systems.... radiant heating systems, high efficiency plants, heating
Post-earthquake interventions: prevention techniques and safety Interventions on industrial buildings following of the Emilia-Romagna earthquake of May 20... Industrial buildings, seismic, earthquake
Energy efficiency in industrial areas Energy Efficiency, Industrial Builgings, Industrial Areas, Distribuited Generation,
Energy saving technologies in buildings The paper presents several innovative technologies and new materials that allow to achieve... Energy saving, energy efficiency, innovative technologies, new materials
Energy Efficiency in Industrial Areas: Application of Best Practices for Energy Efficiency In Mediterranean Industrial Areas The results presented in this paper originate from an EU research project about Energy Eff... Energy Efficiency, Industrial Builgings, Industrial Areas, Distribuited Generation
The management model of the MEID project: tools for Sustainable Industrial Areas and opportunities for SMEs An EU research project (Mediterranean Eco-Industrial Development, (MEID)) which involves d... Energy Efficiency, Industrial Builgings, Industrial Areas, Mediterranean
Building Sustainable Industrial Areas: Experience and Perspectives from the Mediterranean and Western Balkan Countries This paper presents the general context and results of the MEID project
Energy efficiency, Indistrial Areas, Mediterranean

Partnership in Projects
Acronym Abstract url_reference end_date
ECOSISTER https://ecosister.it/ 30/09/2025
FEEDSCHOOLS The FEEDSCHOOLS project aims to provide local auth(...) http://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/FEEDSCHOOLS.html 31/08/2020
FEEDSCHOOLS 31/08/2020
TEESCHOOLS 31/01/2020
TEESCHOOLS TEESCHOOLS aims at providing new solutions to Loca(...) https://teeschools.interreg-med.eu/ 31/01/2020
TECNOPOLO http://www.tecnopolo.enea.it 30/06/2015
MER MER intends to capitalize the already implemented (...) http://www.merproject.eu/ 31/12/2014
SESEC Project for Sustainable Energy Saving for the Euro(...) https://em2m.eu/ 21/09/2014
ARTISAN The ARTISAN project envisions significant reductio(...) http://www.artisan-project.eu 30/04/2014
MEID Mediterranean Eco Industrial development is an ini(...) http://www.medmeid.eu/ 31/05/2013
LISEA LISEA, regional research laboratory, constitued in(...) www.lisealab.it 30/04/2011
ECO-SCP-MED ECO-SCP-MED project is a 18-month project which ai(...) http://www.ecoscpmed.eu/ 31/12/2004
ERG http://minotauro.enea.it:8080/






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