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Energy Efficiency in Industrial Areas: Application of Best Practices for Energy Efficiency In Mediterranean Industrial Areas
abstract The results presented in this paper originate from an EU research project about Energy Efficiency in Industrial Areas.
Description The results presented in this paper originate from an EU research project that is near to its completion. The goal was to build a model that can be applied to all industrial sites in the Mediterranean area. The approach followed to achieve the objectives was to study all the new technologies and systems that, if applied globally, can make the whole area sustainable both energetically and environmentally. The application of the model allows the design and implementation of self-sufficient green areas in terms of energy which also brings to the reduction of the emissions into the atmosphere. An aim of the project was also to identify possible sources of funding or incentives. The main beneficiaries of the results are SMEs that through a more responsible approach to the environment could get greater market competitiveness and reduce energy costs of their enterprises. Other beneficiaries are the people who obtain advantages from a clearer and less polluted surrounding environment.
The paper presents the results obtained from the application of the model in some pilot cases.
Keywords Energy Efficiency, Industrial Builgings, Industrial Areas, Distribuited Generation
Laboratory EDI
Partner ENEA
Main research topic 1 Energy
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Direct Technopole result Vero
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