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Computer-Based Research Strategy To Investigate Idealtypes Of Self-
Organized Structures Of Collaboration In Intra-Organizational Networks
Autori E Mollona, S Ferriani  Anno 2015
Tipologia Articolo Conferenza internazionale con referaggio
Abstract As the knowledge-content of production processes intensifies and firms require the joint effort of a number of individuals with very specific know-how. Increasingly, organizations play the role of integrators of individual talents. As knowledge specialization increases, however, the effectiveness of many authority-based organizational mechanisms weakens. Then, how do intra-organizational networks of collaboration among co-workers self-organize? How this self-organization interacts with different degrees of fluidity of alternative structures of collaboration among co-workers? In this paper, we investigate how individual strategies of effort reciprocation and co-workers’ matching are associated to different patterns of self-organization of intra-organization networks. Experiments conducted with a agent-based computer model investigate determinants of aggregate effort contributed to an organization within intra-organization collaboration networks. Aggregate effort is analyzed as an epiphenomenon connected to specific topological structure of underpinning intra-organizational collaboration networks. Results of simulation suggest that different topological structures are conducive to aggregate organizational performances through three distinct idealtypes of self-organization each activating a different process of (i) ostracism, (ii) elitarism and (iii) segregation; and that topological macro-structure self-organize from individuals’ micro-policies of effort reciprocation and co-workers’ matching as influenced by organizations’ constraints to (i) continuity of association and (ii) freedom to rewire among co-workers.
Referenza_Bibliografica EURAM2012 - European Academy of Management - Rotterdam, 2012
Unita di Ricerca EDI
Keywords Modelli ad agenti, simulazioni computerizzate, cooperazione
LastUpdate 24/05/2018
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Codice Topic di ricerca Descrizione
3.6 HPC-Big Data Calcolo ad alte prestazioni - big data
3.6.1 Simulazione sistemi complessi

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