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Quality improvement in production processes due to disinfection with Microlight®, Microfloat®, Microspear®
Abstract Water is in a lot of production processes a raw material, which can influence the production quality if germs are present in it.
Descrizione Description including main features/advantages
Germs are growing very fast when settled in a any production process. There metabolism products are starting chemical processes, which can attack the production quality and/or the produced products. The moment we can observe the presents of germs, due to the presents of slime and algae’s, we are already to late. Cleaning is then a temporary solution, while we should prevent the problem, by keeping the germs under control from the start. UV disinfection doesn’t change the water composition, there is no chemical interaction and it doesn’t form by-products, it is just breaking down their DNA structure, so that they can’t reproduce. Germs do not adapt themselves to UV at 254 nm (low pressure only). Innovative aspects
Microlight®, is a flow through system with rotational flow around centralised UV lamp(s), which means, compact systems with high performance, even in dark or suspended solids containing liquids or in other words liquids with high SAC value or low UV transmission. Microfloat® (floating UV systems) and Microspear® (submergible UV systems) for in situ disinfection (storage disinfection) in tanks and rinsing baths etc., air disinfection (odour removal) and surface disinfection. Current and potential industrial users/domains of application
Chemical industry, Pharmacy, surface treatment, electronic industry, textile, food industry etc.
Applications: Cooling towers, chemical poor membrane filtration, rinsing baths, filling machines, storage tanks etc. Current state of development
Commercially available for different industries and in many applications. Fit to customers needs.
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a.c.k. aqua concept Benelux
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Dorine Van Daele
Slotgrachtstraat 25
9940 Evergem
+32 (0)9 3445176
+32 (0)9 3445176
TRL - technology readiness level 5 Prototipo in grande scala o scala reale.
Laboratorio TIGRI
Partner ENEA
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