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Case study on the mineralogical and petrophysical analysis of reinforced concrete slabs of a highway viaduct of the S.G.C. Orte‑Ravenna
Authors Marrocchino E, Telloli C., Aprile A, Capuani D., Malaguti D., Vaccaro C.  Year 2021
Pubblication type Paper International Journal with referee
Abstract For the maintenance of the safety and security of people traveling on the road, renovation of the reinforced concrete is necessary, especially for bridge or viaduct slabs. Being able to quantify the degradation of slabs and propose methodologies for its retrofit or maintenance is crucial not only in the mineralogical-engineering field but also for socio-economic implications. In this study, samples of deck slabs of a viaduct from the highway E45 near the locality of Bagno di Romagna (Emilia Romagna, north of Italy) were subjected to a testing program to evaluate mechanical and mineralogical parameters through thermographic analyses, compression, and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tests and morphological observation.
The analyses allow to better recognize the damage of the reinforced concrete samples and they have shown that the cause of the detachment of the asphalt has mainly a natural origin, due to temperature variations and precipitation, with a secondary cause in the anthropogenic impact. The work aims to understand the relationships between the structure of the aggregates and the characteristics of concrete to understand the development of degradation. This knowledge could be used to prevent future damages to the highways.
Reference SN Applied Sciences (2021) 3:623
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Research unit TRAC
LastUpdate 05/01/2022
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5 Materials Research, development and engineering in the field of advanced materials

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