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3.1.4. Semantic tools
Semantic tools for interoperability
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Ontology Explorer The Ontology Explorer is a web tool with a dynamic interface and based on the last AJAX technologies (GWT) for the visualization, the navigation and the research on every OWL Ontology in the Web. OWL Ontology AJAX GWT

Produced bibliography on the topic
Year Title Reference Publication type
2018 An Ontology Framework for Multisided Platform Interoperability Q. Deng, S. Gönül, Y. Kabak, N. Gessa, D. Glachs, F. Gigante, V. Damjanovic-Behrendt, K. Hribernik, ... Paper International Conference with referee
2009 An Ajax Application To Improve Online Ontology Browsing: Ontology Explorer Matteo Busanelli, Massimo Bondi, Nicola Gessa, "An Ajax Application To Improve Online Ontology Brows... Paper International Conference with referee
2008 Supporting Enterprise Network Set Up Combining ebXML, Semantic Tools and Sectorial Standards M.Busanelli, P. De Sabbata, N. Gessa, C. Novelli, G. D'Agosta, "Supporting Enterprise Network Set Up... Paper International Conference with referee

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