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S. Scientific divulgation
Related Projects
Acronym Project Abstract url_reference end_date
Ricerca-Scuola 30/10/2019
CBRN 2 Scientific support of ENEA for the development of the technical skills of the Secretariats(...) 17/04/2019
CBRN13 Following the assessment of the needs of and based on discussions with the countries, this(...) 31/12/2014
Project31 Develop a sustainable network of universities and research institutes to reinforce a cultu(...) 31/12/2014
CBRN 04/01/2010

Available related Outcomes and deliverables
Title Abstract Keywords Link
safety, securty, nuclear, human factor /tecnopolo/download/workshop conflicts.pdf

Research units working on the topic
Unit Research unit long name Laboratory In short URL
NDC Centro Dati Nazionale CTBT Home page Traceability laboratory
NUCAP Applicazioni nucleari per sicurezza e salute Home page Traceability laboratory The priority area of research is the use of nuclear applications in the medical and biosecurity fields....
NUFOC Nucleare forense e CBRN forense Home page Traceability laboratory
RADEC Modelli per il monitoraggio e la Radioecologia Home page Traceability laboratory The priority area of research consists of simulations and modeling in the field of materials and environmental transport...
TRAC Tracciabilità/rintracciabilità di prodotti e processi Home page Traceability laboratory The priority area of research is the use of isotope and radiometric analyzes to offer innovative services to businesses....

Produced bibliography on the topic
Year Title Reference Publication type
2022 Human Impacts on nuclear activities due to conflicts Others
2021 Progress on the proposal of the National Repository for radioactive waste in Italy
Poster International Conference with referee

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